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Cleaning & Prevention

Preventing disease and damage in the mouth and teeth is the most important principal in dentistry. It is recommended to have an examination and cleaning at least twice a year to ensure the health of your teeth and gums and prevent dental problems before they arise. A professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar that cannot be removed with brushing and flossing alone. A final polish will leave your teeth smooth and shiny to help prevent new plaque from forming. Even if you haven’t had a cleaning in a many years, we highly recommend you schedule a visit to get back on track!

What are some preventative measures I can take?

  • Brush with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush after each meal
  • Floss daily before bedtime
  • Use an oral rinse after flossing
  • Avoid sugary foods, coffee, and tobacco